Tha Bishop dropz Voodoo in April

Mar 9 2021

What's next on the Husky Records calendar? Okay, here's a breif synopsis. The video shoot and single release for Tha Bishop's next single entitled Voodoo. The song title sounds leery or suspicious even right? Well this song is about getting on the mic spittin' hateful barz which in today's world of hip-hop could very easily result in the DEATH of another rapper. This has got to STOP and we say it has to stop immediately!! Rap battles are kool when kept on the mic and in the realm of hip-hop.
Let's bring it back to the real hip-hop and the real art form that it is. Let's breath LIFE into her not death. Words are powerful so be mindful of that when you write.

Thank you for visiting us and since you did here "Voodoo" before it's official release in April.

Artist: Tha Bishop
Song Title: Voodoo
Indie Label: Husky Records LLC

We got a treat for you on THANKSGIVING DAY!

Nov 21 2020

Finally a hip-hop video you can watch with the family.
Make sure you go to www.HuskyRecords.TV on Thanksgiving day to view the video for Husky Records recording artist Tha Bishop's latest single and video entitled BELIEVE IN YASELF feat. Tone Jonez.
Video link and buy links for the single will be available first on HuskyRecords.TV
You'll be glad you viewed this video. I promise.


Sep 13 2020

NEW SONG & VIDEO coming November 2020.
The song is entitled BOMB HEAVY and on this song Tha Bishop went and got a lyrical flame throwin' emcee named MR. CHOP to collaborate with him on this one. It's a gritty street record & head noddin' hip-hop headz will appreciate this one.
Check in regularly at HuskyRecords.TV for the latest updates and developments on the song and video.

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