Free Life Music Review Show

May 15 2023

Independent artist of all genres you need to tap in with Free Life on Facebook. This way your connected with the HOTTEST online music review and emcee battle show online. Hands down! Join the community and share your musical talent with other like minded music lovers and curators. They are very responsive on their page so feel free to leave them a message because they'll definitely tap in and respond. 

Da Tunnel Radio

Apr 16 2023

So you wanna hear indie music that people actually like? Me too! That's why we tune in DAILY to
for our daily dose of indie music. It's the NEW wave! 
Every night at 9:14pm they go LIVEonFacebook and play YOUR music. Indie artists you got dat HEAT?!?! Okay send your best song/s and instrumentals to and let the whole internet hear YOU and get your music reviewed as well. Music submissions begin at 9pm. You can submit your music for FREE or you can pay $5 dollars per song and SKIP to the front of the line. It's a great community of artists and listeners on top of that the chat is always LIT so come thru and join the conversations.
Stay in touch and follow Da Tunnel Radio on Instagram at @DaTunnelRadioOnInstagram and subscribe to their YouTubeChannel let's run those subscribers UP!!
iHeart subscribers lock in at DaTunnelRadioOniHeart

MaddlabsTv Artist Spotlight featuring Tha Bishop

Sep 20 2021

On this episode of MaddlabsTv Artist Spotlight the featured guest is Philly native, indie record label owner and artist Tha Bishop.
Click the link below to check out the interview.

Husky Footwear

Jan 1 2000

Husky Records has a luxury sneaker brand called Husky Footwear.
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Husky Footwear