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Husky Records president, Margaret Evans would like to THANK everyone who visits our site and supports Tha Bishop's music. 1 Love y'all.

Tha Bishop wants to know. Are you rappin' cause you're LOOKIN' 4 FAME? Or is it for the love of hip-hop?
Tha Bishop - Lookin' 4 Fame song link. 

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Song/s from Tha Bishop have entered the Broadjam Top 10 (independent music charts) in various music categories. To checkout our progress thus far click the links below.
Broadjam Pennsylvania Top 10 
Broadjam Production - Mixed Vocals Top 10

Husky Records has starting the year off BLESSED!! Why do we say that? Because we tested a song called I'm Blessed by Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez in independent music marketplaces and the record got a lot of love it was received well. Extremely well. So we are in are in pre-production mode with the filming of the video and the whole business of the song being prepared for market. Your here so your apart of the Husky family so you'll always hear new ideas and music here FIRST. As a matter of fact this is the only place the internet where you can hear and purchase music from Tha Bishop before it is officially released on other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music ect. You can also purchase the single for a whole dollar but only here until we release it on other streaming platforms. If you like I'm Blessed, Rain To Rainbows or any song by Tha Bishop support it with your .99 cents when you click the link for said song. YES you can hear the entire song without paying for it, it's your choice if you purchase the record or not. We're an independent record label so your support is paramount. So without further delay checkout and support I'm Blessed by Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez. Music producer: Tone Jonez. Click this link for the song

NEW MUSIC from Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jones and Mr. Chop entitled Rain To Rainbows. Release date to be announced here first. So you gotta stay locked in. Daily! Why? Because BAM!! NEW sauce right here right now! Rain To Rainbows. Click the link 

Do You Ever Wonder What Music Reviewers Think About Tha Bishop's Songs?
Do they like it or naw? Well here's some links to different music review shows that Tha Bishop's music has been featured on. Let's see what they think. And for the record we didn't PAY for ANY music reviews, we just submitted our music and the commentary you hear is the HONEST opinions and responses from said show host/s. Click on these links to see what their saying. 
That Hip-Hop Junkiez Show
Free Life Music Review Show
Hit or Miss Music Review 
That Dorky Review Music Show
ThunderGround Radio 
The Steve Strange Show
Lay Baee Music Review
K&M Radio 
Gavyn Noble - Grade My Music Review Show 
Khy Kush Music Review

We all need some feel good music in today's world. Facts. I got a song you can wake up too EVERY morning and actually feel good. I listen to this song in the morning and throughout my day. Once you hear it Gud Mornin' you'll be singin' along too. Gud Mornin by Tha Bishop is available on all streaming platforms. Here's the YouTube link for Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez with Gud Mornin https://youtu.be/_YF684R00S4

Tha Bishop, refuses to tear people down and I see them as opps. I view you all as family with respect'. It'll be easier to see my vision if you just Believe In Yaself like I do. Let's get inspired. Checkout Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez with Believe In Yaself. It's available on all streaming platforms. Here's the video link for Believe In Yaself https://youtu.be/hL-Owoj3QwQ

You ever make a move only to see other person mimic your moves completely? Well, that person is what we call a Wave Theif. You know, their ridin' ya wave. Tha Bishop feat. Heat, we wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Okay here's the video link https://youtu.be/RP0RrbXyDtE
Wave Theif by Tha Bishop is also available on all streaming platforms. 

Tha Bishop knows it's not a popular move to be a positive rapper in this day and age. The good part about that is Tha Bishop isn't a rapper! He's an emcee! And YES theirs a huge difference between the two, so instead of sending you shots this emcee chooses to send LOVE! Checkout Tha Bishop with his song Send It Right Back. Here's the YouTube link https://youtu.be/pk_1--Uee6w

And STAY TUNED because it's been going down now is the time to go UP!!

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Gud Mornin' - Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez


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