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In conjunction with Husky Records releasing Tha Bishop's new single BOMB HEAVY, THA BISHOP isn't slowing down because of that. He said, you gotta be kiddin' me this is just the beginning of many great things to come so let's gooooooooooo!
Tha Bishop is working on a variety of new song projects. Some include features from Tone Jonez, Mr. Chop, UpTown Heat, & Chip Raw to mention a few.

As a matter of fact since you stopped by to visit us at Husky Records were gonna let you be amongst the first people to hear BOSS MOVEZ a song that Tha Bishop choose to collaborate on with a veteran dope Philly emcee named Chip Raw. UpTown is in the BUILDIN'! Were preparing now to shot this video in November but you can hear BOSS MOVEZ right now, right here.

Tha Bishop's next single on deck.
The next single up is going to be a song written by Tone Jonez and Tha Bishop called Believe In Yaself. This song definitely contains a message and it's feel good music. The video will be shoot and directed by a dope director Kevin MaddlabsTv Blackson who has worked with Husky Records and Tha Bishop on previous occasions. Artists remember the name Mad Labbs TV. This is the same company that did a phenomenal job shooting the SEND IT RIGHT BACK music video for Tha Bishop. It's a dope video check it out for yourself here https://youtu.be/pk_1--Uee6w. When your done show some love and go like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MADDLABSTV/
For the official release date for the Believe In Yaself video stay tuned right here to be the first know.
This is gonna be a huge record for Tha Bishop so make sure you support this original hip-hop art form.
Check it out.
Believe In Yaself

Tha Bishop's album The Universal Code will be remastered & reissued on distrokid. The their distribution arm reaches further.

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Sep 13 2020

NEW SONG & VIDEO coming November 2020.
The song is entitled BOMB HEAVY and on this song Tha Bishop went and got a lyrical flame throwin' emcee named MR. CHOP to collaborate with him on this one. It's a gritty street record & head noddin' hip-hop headz will appreciate this one.
Check in regularly at HuskyRecords.TV for the latest updates and developments on the song and video.

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Tha Bishop feat. Mr. Chop - Bomb Heavy - Single


BOMB HEAVY the single is available on Spotify.
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