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Husky Records president, Margaret Evans would like to thank EVERYONE who has ever supported Husky Records in any capacity over the years. Your support of our website, shows, single releases, videos, merch. and other events are greatly appreciated and so are YOU! Thank you.
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I Need Your Feedback 
It's just a DEMO but let me know what you think anyway. Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez
Click this link. 

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Husky Records merch. and Husky Footwear sneakers are on SALE now for Cyber Monday. Sale ends 12/3/22 so shop both sites NOW! 
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And now back to our regularly scheduled program. 

NEW SINGLE and VIDEO from THA BISHOP feat. TONE JONEZ and MR. CHOP entitled RAIN TO RAINBOWS. Release date to be announced in 2023. Only people like YOU who patronage and ride wit Husky Records deserves to hear this HOT single before the world does. So without further delay here's the mp3 link to Rain To Rainbows. Click this link 

When your finished listening to Rain To Rainbows go check Tha Bishop feat. Mr. Chop on YouTube with our first song and video collaboration for Bomb Heavy. Here's the link 
Bomb Heavy, Tha Bishop feat. Mr. Chop is available on all streaming platforms.

We all need some feel good music in today's world. Facts. I got a song you can wake up too EVERY morning and actually feel good. I listen to this song in the morning and throughout my day. Once you hear it Gud Mornin' you'll be singin' along too. Gud Mornin by Tha Bishop is available on all streaming platforms. Here's the YouTube link for Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez with Gud Mornin https://youtu.be/_YF684R00S4

Tha Bishop says, 'I refuse to tear my peoplez down and I refuse to see them as my opp. I view you all as family with respect'. It'll be easier to see my vision if you just Believe In Yaself like I do. Let's get inspired. Checkout Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez with Believe In Yaself. It's available on all streaming platforms. Here's the video link for Believe In Yaself https://youtu.be/hL-Owoj3QwQ

You ever make a move only to see other person mimic your moves completely? Well, that person is what we call a Wave Theif. You know, their ridin' ya wave. Tha Bishop feat. Heat, we wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Okay here's the video link https://youtu.be/RP0RrbXyDtE
Wave Theif by Tha Bishop is also available on all streaming platforms. 

Tha Bishop knows it's not a popular move to be a positive rapper in this day and age. The good part about that is Tha Bishop isn't a rapper! He's an emcee! And YES theirs a huge difference between the two, so instead of sending you shots this emcee chooses to send LOVE! Checkout Tha Bishop with his song Send It Right Back. Here's the YouTube link https://youtu.be/pk_1--Uee6w

We have a high quality handmade sneaker brand. All Husky Footwear products are HANDMADE in Italy by Italian artisan and then shipped directly you. When was the last time you had a handmade pair of sneakers? When your ready for your pair we'll be right here at www.HuskyFootwear.Biz

We're really family over here so please visit my brotha Mr. Chop he's the proprietor at Per7onal 8fek LLC. They specialize in customizing your personal effects and yes they do vinyl also so tap in with Mr. Chop at www.instagram.com/per7onal8fek_

Mr. Chop is also the creative genius of the NORF clothing line. Mr. Chop, is a solid dude and an excellent businessman patronage my brother. Visit The NORF clothing line at

We're not looking for individual victories we're working together and striving towards that TEAM victory. Support us. Mr. Chop and Tha Bishop, we both thank you for your patronage. 

And STAY TUNED because it's about to GO DOWN!!

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Husky Merch. and Husky Footwear SALE!

Nov 28 2022

From now until 12/3/22 www.TheHuskyStore.Net (Husky mecrh.) and www.HuskyFootwear.Biz (Husky Sneakers) we are discounting our prices for our Husky Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Checkout the promotional video here Husky Cyber Sale and then shop both Husky sites for your discounts.

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Gud Mornin' - Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez


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