Husky Records LLC

Husky Reords, LLC is the brainchild of H. Wallace Davis, Jr. who happens to also be a Hip-Hop artist who has been recording for over 15 yrs. Mr. Davis (Tha Bishop) has been in various hip-hop groups over the yrs. The Toppside Crash Crew, The B.O.C, & Tha Black Poetts just to name a few. Tha Bishop is a solo artist now & has been for many years. This most excellent upstart became a reality in 2007 when Mr. Davis received his certified package which included his LLC that made Husky Records a legal entity. Shortly thereafter papers were filed to become a legal music publisher. Before 2007 was over it was done, a LEGAL record & publishing company ready for the world. So we hit em! Jarvis Davis Publishing/BMI, James-Wallace Publishing/BMI, & Wallace Davis Publishing/BMI are ALL legal BMI entities.
Husky Records is also a A.S.C.A.P. music publisher at Dorothy Mae Publishing ASCAP.
Just one of our many goals, Husky Records mission is to produce, market, promote & sale outstanding Hip-Hop & R&B music. And trust me, it definitely feels good because were on our way & we're takin' it back to good music. Husky Records, RESPECTS our artist & we LOVE our fans but we call y'all FAMILY. Watch what we do in 2020. Stay tuned.