She's got an IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!! So read on.
We gotta take the good with the bad unfortunately. So here's the good Husky newz first.

The Universal Code album by Tha Bishop is available right NOW for purchase right here.
Click on The Universal Code album link to hear & purchase The Universal Code.
In advance we THANK YOU for your support. We appreciate you.
Let's be honest, Tha Bishop been sendin' you love. Now's the time send it right back.

The Bad Newz.
All social events pertaining to Tha Bishop's album release party will be postponed until futher notice due to the Corona virus pandemic.

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Tha Bishop - The Universal Code (Album)


Husky Records LLC finally releases Tha Bishop's album "The Universal Code."
This album contains 14 original hip-hop songs including Send It Right Back & The Universal Code. NO CLONED SONGS HERE!
We'd appreciate your purchase and support for Tha Bishop's NEW album.
We know that you'll help us to continue to BUILD so in advance we say THANK YOU.